We’re so glad you’re here!

We are a homeschool family just like you…

Our Heart:

Our hearts have been burdened for today’s youth. We believe they are being fed propaganda every where they turn and we believe History is under attack, the history been given out there right now is watered down and people have been convinced history is boring and therefore they have no interest in it, and with out the knowledge of our History the more susceptible people are to lies and miss information. We want to help equip youth to know truth, to think for them selves, to question things and think critically. That is why we set out to start Bright Light Academy, our hope is to not only do that through History but soon with all subjects!

The Brown Family:

Our Story:

We are high school sweet hearts. Ryan is a US Navy veteran, and we’ve been married since 2000. We have 3 amazing kiddos. In 2019 we sold everything we owned and bought a 400 sq ft RV that we moved into fulltime, we are currently stationary near family and friends in the Dallas, Texas area and love to travel as often as possible. We have homeschooled for over 9 years, before being called to write this curriculum Ryan ministry was teaching history and robotics in public school both Junior high and High school. We are also incredibly active in our home church where our oldest serves on the worship team and the whole family serves in many other capacities. We know it takes a village and we are grateful for ours! 

Why Homeschool, Why Now?

This is something we have felt lead to do since we started schooling our kiddos, but in my more recent years working in the public school setting it has become more apparent that the system that is supposed to educate our children is broken and its not getting better any time soon.
We are charged with raising up our children to be lights in this world. Part of that charge includes protecting their minds, their heart and their little spirits as best we can. We believe we can best do that by educating them at home. There are so many outlets to help you do that! It doesn’t have to overwhelm you. Our hope is that we can come along side you and help make that decision easier. 

Meet the Teacher:

Hello I’m Mr. Brown

My Story:

I like to think I’m pretty cool and pretty funny, I love cars, mechanics, fixing things, relaxing on the beach, but when it comes to history I am unapologetically a total nerd! I love learning about pretty much everything. I am first and foremost a husband to my high school sweet heart and a dad to 3 amazing kiddos. I have spent 9 years prior to creating this course, teaching public school while we homeschooled our own kids. Ive taught Middle and High School US History as well as robotics. I am also a proud Veteran (Go Navy) and hail from the great country of Texas! In my free time I enjoy pickelball, trips to Panama City Beach for the world’s best donuts, and a good creek to gold pan in! 

Why I teach:

Well that one is pretty easy! I am passionate about history, it’s OUR history and I truly believe its important to know where we come from. And to learn and grow from our mistakes. I believe we need to share the whole story, not some watered down biased version.
I also believe it is a calling God has placed on my life. Teaching, I can’t help myself, whether on vacation, fixing my wife’s car, or even watching a movie, if you’ve ever spent any time with me chances are you’ve heard me say ” fun fact…” at least once!