US History – 1400’s-1877

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Join Mr. Brown in this video based class as he takes you through The Age of Discovery through The Civil War/Reconstruction and everything in between.


Lesson 1-Geography

Lesson 2-Exploration

Lesson 3-Colonial Regions

Lesson 4-Road to Revolution

Lesson 5a-Revolution

Lesson 5b-Revolution

Lesson 6-Creating the Constitution

Lesson 7-The Constitution and Bill of Rights

Lesson 8a -First 6 Presidents(1-3)

Lesson 8b-First 6 Presidents(4-6)

Lesson 1-8 Exam

Lesson 9-Age of Jackson

Lesson 10-Westward Expansion

Lesson 11-Industrial Revolution

Lesson 12-Reform Movements

Lesson 13-Sectionalism

Lesson 14-Civil War

Lesson 15-Reconstruction

Lesson 9-15 Exam


L9-15 Exam